Using the electronic ID Card for authentication

  1. If a service provider requires authentication with ID Card, the eID SSO screen will be shown as per Figure 1.

    Figure 1: eID SSO screen – Sign in with your electronic ID card

  2. Connect the external Smart Card reader to the computer

  3. Insert the electronic ID Card into the Smart Card reader

  4. On the eID SSO screen click on the image showing a Smart Card reader

  5. A popup, as per Figure 2, should appear to load the Digital Certificate:

    Figure 2: Windows Security – Select a Certificate

  6. Select the Authentication Certificate, and click “OK”

    Figure 3: Select Certificate

  7. Enter the Authentication PIN Code and click the “OK” button

    Figure 4: Authentication PIN Code

  8. After logging in, you should have the certificate information in the middle of the header indicating that the login using the electronic ID Card was successful.

  9. You will be automatically redirected in 5 seconds to the service.